Corded Phone

IP Phones

We can provide a range of physical IP phones in the UK that connects and provide a desktop phone for your users. Ranging from basic single line phones to exotic WiFi and Bluetooth enabled IP phones with colour screens, there is a phone for everyone!


We are IP Phone providers in UK specially offers a range of high quality professional soft-phones for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Windows and Mac computers support voice, video and presence, as well as providing direct integration to Microsoft Outlook™.

Cisco Phone
VoIP Cordless

Plug and Play

Magnetic North provided phones are pre-configured and managed by our cloud provisioning platform Beacon. When a configured phone is plugged in, it connects to Beacon and gets all the latest configuration information and will automatically come up and be ready to dial from anywhere on the internet. Beacon also manages firmware upgrades, daylight saving time and dial plan configuration for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Conference Phones

Audio conferencing is the lifeblood of many organisation’s customers and supplier connections. We provide a range of conference devices ready for any size meeting room or conference suite, all automatically managed in business IP phone service the UK by our award-winning platform.

Conference Phones
Cordless Phones

Legacy/Analogue Device Integration

800Comms is an IP phone provider in the UK that can provide a range of terminal adapters and larger 8 to 24 port analog gateways so that customers with special devices that cannot connect natively over IP can still be integrated to Cloud PBX. Examples include door entry systems, Credit Card terminals, Life Emergency Phones, IP phone device UK and other factory and shop floor equipment that requires provision of a traditional analogue line or extension.

Helping your transition to
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With our market-leading Cloud Communication services, we can equip you with the right solution.

We work with you to ensure:

  • You understand your current assets and capabilities
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  • You transition without business interruption
  • The right people get the right training

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