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In the modern era of competition, every business regardless of its size, large or small, continuous and meaningful engagement with the Customer is vital for the success.

All businesses want to engage with their customers at every point and ensure an exceptional service is being delivered to satisfy, retain and nurture them.  To make this possible, every business, whether you know or not, use a Contact Centre system, be it a Helpdesk or a Large Distributed Centre. The Contact Centres receive, react and respond the customer phone calls, emails, chats, forum discussions, social media, web enquiries and much more.

800Comms – call center services in the UK, powered by Broadsoft, is a full-featured, integrated and cloud-hosted  Intelligent solution for managing customer contacts with all voice and multimedia applications. Unlike traditional call Centres, this solution allows you to integrate multiple offices, and outsourced locations to operate in a sync for cost saving and unified response.

This system deploys on desktops, IP phones, analog phones, or soft phones and can be accessed AnyTime, Anywhere and on any device, using your existing data network. Our call center solution in the UK allows you to manage and monitor your Agents and their performance and help your agents to reduce the time spent handling each interaction for happier customers.

Call Center Feature

The Cloud-based Contact Centre solution automatically and intelligently route callers to right support, provide options for a Callback request.  When Agents are busy, calls will be forwarded to overflow number (e.g. auto-attendant) or other agents who are available.This all-inclusive application support helpdesk team to initiate chat sessions with customers surfing websites and respond social media posts and much more. This smart solution, with unified communication integration, is designed to provide your customer the best experience.

The added integration feature, with most popular CRM and Databases, allows your Agents to answers calls or messages promptly with all contextual information of the Customer.Our solution records real time information, which helps to organise your future resources and thus a cost saving, quick response, efficiency and improved customer experience. This is an Affordable, Easy-to-Use and Fast Rollout Solution without any Upfront PBX or Site Equipment cost.

The UC-One App Bundle and UC-One Collaboration Bundle has the following Features

Features of Collaboration Bundle

Features of Application Bundle

Helping your transition to
cloud communications

800Comms has a solution for your improved contact centre operations and control.

We work with you to ensure:

  • You understand your current assets and capabilities
  • Everything is tailored to your business and way of working
  • You transition without business interruption
  • The right people get the right training

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A higher rate of First Call Resolution

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800Comms has a solution for your improved contact centre operations and control