Whether you are a host or an attendee, you can make some simple mistakes during your conference call. These can just sum up your call into a mere time waste. Let’s review these six common mistakes. Make sure you do not make them the next time you do a conference calling session.

  1. Setting up a Conference Call without Agenda:

Unplanned conference calling will achieve much less. Too often, we just get issues missed on or needlessly dragged on in a call. How often do you remember not discussing something after the call has ended? It is always advisable to share an agenda with the participants before the call. You can always send it in an email. If possible, give approximate time that you intend to spend on each issue.  This way each participant will come prepared. There will be no “I will check and get back to you” waste of time.  Sharing an agenda will let your attendees know you value their time and will appreciate that they value yours.

  1. Not reminding your attendees:

Learn to appreciate that your employees are busy with their tasks and schedules. Telling them once regarding a conference call can easily skip from their minds. Even if you had emailed them, you need to consider that they receive hundreds each day. Most diligent employees can also forget about an email or one time reminder.  It is best to plan and schedule three reminders. Time your reminders with appropriate gaps. The final reminder should be on the morning of the scheduled conference call. Do not forget to mention date and time in each reminder. If possible, do add time zone adjustments in case of international conference calling.

  1. Using your smart phone or mobile device:

Yes, unified communications have made much advancement. But NO! Not all options are of equally effective quality. While you can host or join a conference call from a mobile device with VoIP, there might be some negative factors. Background noise, your device speaker mode and other applications consuming data in the background can deter the call quality. It is always advisable to host or join a conference call using a dedicated conference call phone.  You can set up an office space that provides required silence. Using a headphone or handset will be best. Make sure you purchase your conference call equipment from reliable vendors.

  1. Not providing functionality tutorial:

Conference call solutions have been upgraded with many collaboration tools like desktop/screen sharing, simultaneous chat and file sharing. Your attendees might not be familiar with such tools. They might be unaware of functional features like muting their line or how to reach an operator. It is always advisable that you train all your attendees (where possible) regarding such functions and options. They should also know some basic troubleshooting. This way you will make your call sessions more productive. You can send information in an email prior to the call or verbally communicate at the beginning of the call.

  1. Not taking care of conference call etiquette:

There are some things that might not affect the actual productivity. Yet they create lasting impressions that might impact future communication trust. These are basic conference call etiquettes. Things like “Why are we calling?” “Is that all?” can spell out feelings that you are bored. Untimely interrupting another fellow caller’s opinion might create hurt feelings.  And do you know the sound of your chewing gum; sipping coffee or biting the tuna sandwich is projected horribly on the other hand. Always be serious and respectful and listen carefully the other side. Mute your line if you are not speaking to avoid needless background noise.

  1. Not recording important conference calls:

Are you missing out the conference call recording feature? Did you not take notes during the call? Think again; you might just waste your time if you cannot remember important things later on. Even people with very good memories might miss small things easily. Use the ‘record the call’ feature for later recap. And always take your personal notes during the call. There might be things that you do not want to share on the call and yet remind yourself later on. Some professionals think that it is good to email minutes of meetings after the call has ended. You should always be able to revisit the call and your thought process during it.

800Comms services in UK include a quality conference call experience. We also offer quality equipments and devices. We have listed some common mistakes above. Avoiding such mistakes can guarantee successful conference call sessions.