Are you wondering what is internet telephony? Internet telephony is a vast term that includes nearly all traditional features of telephony like phone calls, voicemails and faxes. However , in contrast to traditional telephony, all calls and data are sent over internet; as the name suggests. Skype for Business is a classic example of internet telephony.

Most of the times, internet telephony and VoIP are used interchangeably. However, internet telephony is internet phone system whereas VoIP is one of many ways of making calls through internet. Traditional telephone systems put phone calls through analog signals that travel through telephone lines. VoIP converts your call into data packets and use the same technology that we use for browsing websites, to send these data packets as audio.

You will need a VoIP solution for making your internet telephone system work. It is interesting to know what happens to your internet calls. What ever you speak into microphone of your phone, laptop or headset,  modern internet telephony converts these audio signals into digital ones. The digital data is further split and given separate unique labels.

Surprisingly, these data packets do not travel in the order they are sent in. They may arrive in shuffled order. However, at destination they are reassembled into the original order. The result is you hear as perfect a coherent message as it was sent using internet calling solutions. The better internet connection you have, the higher is your call quality.

An internet phone for business has many advantages over traditional telephony. Prime benefits include cheaper and hassle free set up, no long-term contracts, better scaling up or scaling down flexibility, making phone calls on the go with your smart devices and displaying a phone number of your personal choice. You can also call landline through internet. With modern cloud based solutions you can access your business phone and data from anywhere and at any time.

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