A VoIp Phone is all about using IP technologies for transmitting calls over an IP network. A regular telephone service and VoIP phone has a lot of difference in functions, systems and mode of work. Let’s dig dipper to find what these differences are.

Regular phones work differently because they communicate with the help of analog signals. These signals transmit via copper wire cables with changing frequency and altitude that automatically start decoding at the other end.

Whereas, VoIP phone uses completely different technology to send your voice to other person. VoIP phone services routes voice calls over data network similar to internal enterprise LANs.

  • Difference Of Cost

One of the most apparent difference between traditional phones and VoIP phone is cost. VoIP phone is cheaper than traditional phones but it solely depends on the type of VoIP phone that you are using. For instance, there are VoIP services which are free but offers low quality. On the other hand, services like Skype also allows to access VoIP with a nominal yearly subscription fee. Additionally, other services including Yahoo phone works on a prepaid basis.

  • Reliability Difference

Landlines were considered more reliable than VoIP phones but as soon as the high-speed internet service providers continue to improve their offerings, VoIP phones are now winning the battle.

If reliability is a key component of your VoIP vs landline valuation, ask your internet service provider to see what options are available to ensure your connection is secure and meets the requirements of whichever VoIP provider(s) you are considering.

  • Difference Of Features

Traditional phones have limited and very basic features but VoIP phones comprise an array of features including: automatic call forwarding, virtual receptionist, three digit dialing and many other features are also accessible as per your business requirements. So, if you really want your business to have advanced features which can work across multiple office locations, mobile devices and in the cloud then VoIP is the only way to get it all.

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