Recent years have seen an increasing focus on employee productivity and employee efficiency.  Organizations are exploring new age technologies to learn ways to teach their employees to be more efficient and more productive in order to earn greater Returns on Investment and stay competitive. Communication or more specifically Unified Communications is the key for this much sought for employee productivity and employee efficiency. We communicate within organizations in multitude of ways. From face to face contact to using phones, emails, instant messaging, audio/video conferencing to sharing on applications like Drop Box and commenting on Word and PDF files, there are many ways for transferring ideas and objectives and channeling work processes.

Traditionally, there was a different type of application, programs, service or websites for all the multiple ways of communications listed above.  Communication barriers were witnessed when employees used different set of tools and as a result, we had a lot of disjointed and disconnected communication messages that lost their impact in process of transfer; severely impacting employee productivity and employee efficiency. Unified Communications (UC) solutions seem to be God-Sent answer to all these issues! UC channels the power of VoIP PBX to incorporate all communication methods in one single platform. The central idea is teaching employees to be more efficient and productive with enhanced collaboration so that they are on the same page when it comes to a certain task, there by achieving more in lesser time frame.

How easy and convenient it sounds; two co-workers start their communication with an instant message, subsequently make a phone call with a simple click, convert the call into a video meeting that has advanced options of sharing files or screens without disconnecting the call and generate tasks and updates on an interactive dashboard. The phone system is Hub for creating such communication instances.


  • Efficient Employees that communicate within a single stream

Get rid of multiple tools that lead to communication failures! Curtail the inefficiency and chaos of having employees switching from one tool to another and wasting precious time. With UC gather all your communications in a single stream. Reach your colleagues by a work phone, personal device or email instantly without switching windows, apps and devices. Synchronize all communication methods into your phone systems and enjoy low cost, hassle free Bring Your Own Device Model.

  • Making employees more productive with seamless communication

If employees find communicating easy and hassle free, they will definitely communicate more often. Rapid communications will curtail miscommunications and confusions and generate more ideas and discussions that will benefit the company at a wider scale. Make employees more productive by making it easier for them to reach one another.

  • Team work and Collaboration

Give your employees a single set of tools to overcome incompatibility that impairs team work. Make them collaborate more often and more effectively by instant file sharing, screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, task management, calendar synchronizations and application integration. This will create a team work culture that leads to more productive workforce.

  • Making Workforce and Workplace Mobile

With BYOD, mobile devices have become an integral part of communication culture in all organizations. If your are able to empower your employees’ smart phones and tablets with VoIP and cloud technology, you will have effecient employees who are frequently communicating and sharing information. With a reliable UC system, you will reap greater employee productivity by making your workplace mobile. Employees will be able to take their offices any where they go. Workplace will no longer be a physical place. Employees need not wait to reach back their desks to finish their tasks. They can complete it on the go.


As we explore more ways to communicate, it is equally important that we integrate these communication methods seamlessly to ensure efficient communication that is helpful in making employees more productive. Diverse and technologically advanced communication ways are of no use if they are not seamlessly integrated to work together to answer disparate, unique needs of each communication task. Technology should be a comfort and not a hassle for your workforce, in order for you to have more efficient employees. A reliable, high quality UC solution can help you communicate effectively and enable your employees to collaborate and co-ordinate for over all company benefit.