The above phrase can be divided in two parts:

  • How to maintain customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty is possible only when each customer query, request or complaint is promptly responded. Each customer contact should be treated with equal importance. And most importantly, use the appropriate channel to contact back the customer. Unified communications have developed multiple channels of communications. Customers have come to expect swift reply and efficient action.


  • Importance of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google + has become an important aspect of our lives. Typically, social media is the first place where we express our opinions.  This opinion; whether negative or positive, can be shared or re-tweeted thousands of times. What we see is how powerful word of mouth can be. It can simply make or break your company.

So how do you maintain your customer loyalty with social media?

Integrate Social Media into your Unified Communications strategy. There are always tools to help you sort out posts. Route the posts to the right person as quickly as possible.  This person should swiftly respond. Before a negative comment/post goes viral, satisfy this customer. Answer or Apologize. Make him/her feel important. In case the customer calls, make sure automated phone systems route the call to the right agent.

With online phone service, the right contact person should be easily traced. Even if the said person is unavailable in office, he needs to respond immediately. The main target should be to tackle the negative issue before it draws further anger. The best strategy would be to reply the post right away and also approach customer personally if possible. With cheap international phone calls, this should not be overly costly.