Unify communications involves integrating various communication services to one centralized platform. This means unify communications allows you to put in all your communication in a single faster and cheaper way.

By adopting unify communication technology, a business can save significant amount of money, can become even more productive and get an edge over its competitors who are less tech-savvy.

But how to stay productive while using unify communications is highly depends on how you are utilizing it. Before using any resource, it’s important to make sure that you are making the most from it and same is the case with unify communications.

So, let’s take a quick glance at the top ways to ensure that you are making the most from your Unify communications solution.

  • Always Verify That Your App is Running

This is the first rule that might look not so serious but you need to make sure that your desktop app is running appropriately and set to launch automatically whenever you turn on your system.

  • Get Your UC App on Mobile

Installing UC app on your mobile will never let you miss a call or message. Another benefit that you can enjoy is that it allows you to make calls from your mobile while using your business number that’s how you can keep your personal number private.

  • Add Your Current Activity Through Status Updates

Get the benefit from automatic functions including status and location indicators to help you inform your collogues about your availability. Availability indicators will inform your collogues about when you are in a meeting or when you are on call so your team will not interrupt in between.

  • Use A Headset

Using a headset can help you in improving your audio quality while connecting with others. Computer speakers doesn’t help others to hear you clearly that’s why a headset is needed for a better communication.

  • Opt for The Right Tools

Unified communications comprises various features among which some perform similar functions. It’s more like a tool-box and that’s the reason to choose the ones which are most effective. For example, you might rely on chat but if it exceeds 5 messages, it’s time to save some time and make a call.

  • Make Your Virtual Meetings Bit Easier

Unify Communications allows you to arrange virtual meetings with your favorite people. But sometimes, automatically populated calendar invites are just too difficult to handle. You may customise your calendar invitations to avoid problems including meeting start time delays and other confusions.

  • Video

Video calling is a good way to create strong bond with colleagues that you usually don’t meet in person. Also, Video conferencing is a great tool for businesses and people since, it reduces travel cost and increases productivity and client interaction.

  • Turn-On Integrations

It’s easy to find documents through Email and file sharing integrations while CRM integrations help to minimize the time you spend in swapping between applications. So always try to enable all your integrations.

  • Use Screen Sharing Option

During meetings, it’s very important to share your screen for the purpose of sharing progress. Keep in mind that while sharing your screen you should be careful enough to close all the confidential information that shouldn’t be seen by others. You can also select an entire separate application or document rather sharing your whole desktop.

  • Add 10 Minute Break In Your 1 Hour Meeting

Add a 10 minute break in your 1 hour meeting, this approach will give everyone one some extra time for a short, quick break plus, it also helps to start meetings on time.