Wall-Mountable Base Unit

* One cordless handset KX-TPA50 included

* DECT Radio Technology

* Wideband audio (G.722)

* Simultaneous Network Conversations

* KX-TGP500 Systems Expandability



High Definition Voice Performance

Experience great calls clarity when you make a VoIP call over the Internet. The KX-TGP500 series terminals support High Definition Performance. This superior wideband audio quality lets you hear every detail in the other person’s voice when they speak.

State of Art

The KX-TGP500 series is ideally suited to small office and branch office solutions. With high quality music-on-hold and answering Services, you won’t miss important calls, thanks to this phone’s integration with carrier class services. New messages are displayed on the handset, so you’ll know someone tried to reach you even if you are away from the desk. For added convenience you can check on messages from wherever you are, with the answering service alerting you when you receive a new message via SMS.

Support up to 8 SIP Numbers

The KX-TGP500 series allows you to have up to eight numbers. You can set up in many ways: choose a unique number for each handset, or you can program the handsets into groups for central call handling.

Manage Your Calls

Design and control how to manage your calls easily, by configuring the system exactly as you need. With easy to use Web based programming, a system can be changed quickly and conveniently, adding new users in just minutes.


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