Team collaboration software enables people in a team to achieve their goals for a common task.
Team collaboration software takes in any sort of web tool that facilitates individuals to coordinate within an enterprise. It also assists management to track project progress and development.

Reasons to Get Team Collaboration Software

Team collaboration software is essential for so many reasons including simplifying your communication other than that there are more aims to go for it:

• It keeps everyone in the loop
• Real-time online collaboration
• Organized group feedback
• Reduce time spent in meetings
• Secure file sharing and document management
• Strengthen team relationships.

Types of Team Collaboration software You Could Need

There are different types of team collaboration software based on its capabilities and functions. Let’s take a look at the main categories of these work collaboration software:

  • Communication

It helps and manages communication between groups. Some of the major communication tools being used are systems and applications for the purpose of email hosting, file sharing, project management and for website that can be freely accessed. In addition, file sharing is the most common and required feature in collaboration software.
Examples tools: emails, Voicemail and VoIP.

  • Conferencing

Conferencing enables real-time collaboration between team. These software tools make it super easy to do real-time discussions among project members via virtual meeting room with a moderator who is responsible for information sharing. These online meetings play great role when there are important matters to be decided by team members living at different locations.
Example tools: IM conferencing, social media group chats, Video conferencing, application sharing and community boards.

  • Coordination

It supports multiple features like schedule, activities and deliverables. This type of software solutions can be used for challenging interdependent tasks just to identify a common goal. The most common system are being applied here including project management, time management and online proofing so that members will be mindful about deadlines. Also, they will coordinate accordingly to monitor project status.
Example tools: Spreadsheets, time trackers, client portals, Calendars, status updates and alerts.

Key Features Your Team Collaboration Software Should Have

  • Screen Shot with Garnt Control Functionality

Your team collaboration software should have screen shot feature so that when you will collaborate with other team members or clients you can easily share your screens. It will allow everyone to easily see your work status. Moreover, if some else is required to share their screen or take over the presentation, then it’s useful to have the capability to grant control to someone.

  • One-click Audio Conference Recording

In case, if you forget important meeting points then this feature is all you need. A good team collaboration software must offers this feature that allows you to record audio conferences in just one-click.

  • Multiple Monitor Support

Often it happens, in meetings you need multiple monitors to watch for everything. An efficient team collaboration software will support various screens at a time so you don’t need to constantly switch back and forth.

Deploying a team collaboration software is essential for your business before investing in it, make sure it has all the features you could need. If you are considering this upgrade then 800Comms will be a right service for you that can give you an edge throughout your project lifecycle and will manage your team collaboration at its best.