Are you worried about long distance calling bills? Have you considered Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice over IP for your business communication? This new age calling method is saving millions in terms of business communications costs globally.

Voice over IP converts analog audio signals into digital data and transmits a call through internet. This means you can utilize your internet connection for placing free phone calls. You will pay only for the internet data that you will use during the call.

If you know the VoIP benefits to full extent, you should be getting ready to bypass your phone company and shift your data communication and networking over this revolutionary technology. You will find some very reliable providers like Vonage and AT&T operating in the market.

There are three basic ways of placing a call using Voice over Internet Protocol. You can place a call using ATA, IP phones or from one computer to another. Let’s take a look at each of these to understand how does VoIP work.

  • ATA:

This a simple device called Analog Telephone Adaptor. It basically lets a standard phone to work as a VoIP phone. Thus, it is a analog to digital converter. ATA are usually free or of a minimal cost and provided by your VoIP service provider.

Your phone cable will be plugged in the ATA and your phone analog signals will henceforth be converted into digital ones that will be transmitted over internet. You may require additional software with ATA that will be configured easily on your host computer.


These may look like normal standard phones but are specially designed to work with VoIP. The baseline of how VoIP phone works is that it replaces the standard RJ-11 connectors with RJ-45 Ethernet connectors.

For IP PHONES, you do not need to have adaptors or additional hardware or software. They have all necessary things built in them by default. All you need is a Wi-Fi signal so that you can start making your business phone calls over internet and save millions in call costs.


This is the easiest and most convenient way to use VoIP. You will find several VoIP Providers that will offer cheap software that will make your computer your very own telephone. You will be needing a microphone, speaker, a sound card and off course an internet connection.

It is advised that you get a faster and higher bandwidth connection so that you can enjoy calling with minimum voice over IP distortions and  disconnections. Voice over IP works best with a good quality internet connection and good quality devices.

There are many free VoIP software that you and your friend can download on internet so that you both can  try the service quality and benefits of Voice over IP technology. It will just take under ten minutes to take a trail at the most revolutionary technology of the last century.