For contact center solutions to perform efficiently, they must give each and every team member an access to collaborative tools that can work on multiple devices and across all platforms. This will ensure that agents will not waste time looking for answers to queries but rather initiate required actions and increase their productivity. Too often we are coming across the term; contact center unified Communications and  it’s a valid question to ask what it is.

When contact center solutions integrate with unified communication technologies like presence,  mobility, email, IM, desktop and file sharing and audio video conferencing, you get a unified contact center. This approach to contact center experience guarantees quick resolution of customer issues in real time because your agents have the power to collaborate with any team member across the enterprise instantly.

The benefits of unified Communications technology in the workplace is a mutually agreed phenomenon. Companies are exhibiting a 29.8% increase in customer satisfaction rates over the years post implementation of these tools. You will be amazed to know that contact center unified communication result in 83% improvement in customer retention rate and 19.1% improvement in first call resolution rate. It leads to overall 16.5% decrease in average handling time .

Amongst the many of unified Communications benefits in business, the chief is the consistency in communication on behalf of agents. They can improve their responsiveness by making unified communication workflows that will be equally effective across channels and various operating systems to give a reliable and consistent performance. It gives a sharp rise in productivity that eventually makes it possible to deliver best customer experience.

This becomes possible by providing agents relevant and timely insights through their desktops so that they can follow up on issues and tasks easily. This implies that for workable contact center solutions your agents need to have access to your project management software and they can create or issue tasks. Best contact center solutions come with in built data retention and communication monitoring systems that improve service metrics.

People who know what is unified communications  will also know how important it is for business success. They will also realize how important a contact center is to business success and can automatically deduce the relevance of UC tools for contact center. Intelligent Call routing, agent performance analysis, quicker resolution of issues, data retention, call recording and data transfer are being made possible with cloud based Communication technologies.