The requirements of a hotel phone system has changed in recent past. Majority of guests today use their personal smart devices. The demand for Hotel phone system has not reduced but switched to a more sophisticated level of service and communication. With recent developments in unified Communications, there are number of modern applications and systems that can improve overall guest experience and operations of hotels. Even the smaller hotels and guest houses today cannot do with simple telephone systems.

As a hospitality service provider, you need to understand what a good hotels phone system constitutes. As a baseline your hotel system should offer guest services such as:

  • Wake up call and customised reminder services
  • Inter hotel calling between different room using only room number
  • integrated billing system for a smooth checkout
  • Hospitality call accounting for guest usage of telephone services
  • Fast speed dial for various room services
  • Reliable and quality Wi-Fi network
  • Voicemail
  • Emergency alerts systems.


Phones and handsets used in hospitality sector differ from regular phone systems. They include CTI (computer telephony integration).  Front desk telephone have touch screen that communicate guest specific information. This may include time and date of booking, guest identifications and check out time and date. Such information helps in handling guest requests better. Smart hospitality solutions are typically an extension of computer network like a keyboard. Some of hospitality communication  system suppliers provide purposefully limited functionality phones for guest rooms.

New age hotel phone system can either be PBX or VoIP based. PBX is considered reliable. However, they come with too much hassle of wired installations. Maintenance costs are also higher for this type of hospitality solutions. In comparison, VoIP is advanced and comprises of more features. They are hosted in cloud. This means you can save on space easily. Moreover, with recent improvements in broadband quality, VoIP systems give clear call quality. On top of all advantages, they tend to be cheaper in terms of installation, maintenance and upgrades.

Do not take design and implementation of your  Hotel phone system lightly. It requires expert input from IT, telecommunications and logistics departments of your hotel. Only the right coordination will lead to smooth installation and operation of hospitality solutions. It is always better to contact top telephone system providers in United Kingdom. NEC, Cisco ,Mitel and Ericsson are some of the best hotel phone system suppliers in the kingdom. These are also cloud Communications service providers and you might hit a right deal for one stop package for all your communication needs.