Well towards the end of first quarter of 2018, exciting news are happening in Unified Communications UK, European and North American market. The market leading VoIP  providers BroadSoft is now part of Cisco. But it continues to retain the position of leading unified communications provider for cloud calling, online meeting, messaging and contact centre software as a service (SaaS). BroadSoft ‘s BroadWorks has provided access to and popularised many of its cloud unified communication applications. It has launched its UC One SaaS in North America and EMEA.

The very first customer is CBTS; one of the most popular unified communications companies in United States and Canada. It has been offering flexible UC solutions to enterprise and mid market clients. It will be the first to deploy UC One SaaS which is a smart solution to integrate UC One capabilities in existing BroadSoft call control unified communication platforms without the need of new software. It will take only few minutes to take existing end users on board with comprehensive cloud UC services.

UC One is BroadSoft’s intuitive UC application that has calling, messaging and meeting along with Team collaboration options. It provides best UC solutions and collaboration capabilities with its HD voice and video conferencing, presence, messaging and file/screen sharing. It is best known for its virtual meeting experiences and has recently been upgraded with a guest access. This means not only your internal team members but also external members like customers or suppliers can also become part of collaboration sessions.

UC Communications applications work on desktop, mobile and tablets. They have been developed keeping in mind the need for scalability and hassle free simple deployment. BroadSoft ‘s new approach for hybrid deployment for multiple unified communications solutions ensures that businesses now access more services from BroadSoft without need for additional software and large investments. UC One has been integrated with other applications and is thought to be an increasingly popular UC solution of future.

UC One SaaS adds on the Cloud component to existing UC solutions or new implementations to help make deploy communications  widely and less costly. It is a market accelerating technology that incorporates easy to brand digital Microsite. It comes with a 30 day trail option and videos, tutorials and collateral. It offers best unifies communications practices with zero touch end user self activation, white label branding and continuous upgrades and improvements to help you stay ahead of market competition.

You can also sign in for Powered by BroadSoft marketing campaigns. This will help you capture more leads, move them from try to buy and generate more traffic to your microsite. Run time branding will give you an easy access to downloading of branding elements within the application. This means BroadSoft requires you to upload all your branding assets once in a web portal. Any change or update in assets will automatically update branding without need for republishing and reinstalling the UC application.

UC One SaaS has inbuilt integration with BroadSoft Hub that enables easy integration with other third party applications and provides more context to interaction. It will also let you access other applications without leaving UC One. Open APIs will let you have customized integrations. The new UC SaaS will also give BroadSoft Meet experience with My Room Collaboration sessions. BroadSoft manages the entire SaaS lifecycle of end users from trial to activation and also includes reporting, onboarding and 24/7 backend support.