Choosing a best VoIP service for your home and business is not an easy task because during this process, you have to watch for several things which may include your cost, features, tech know-how and other related factors.

To help you save time and money, 800comms is featuring a quick rundown through which you can find this year’s best VoIP services for home and business.

All these VoIP phone services offer easy setup and a range of powerful features that will definitely get you benefits in real time.

Here is the list of best 800Comms best VoIP options for business and home.  Take a look and decide which one is your favorite.

  • UC-ONE (Unify Communications)

800comms would love to show off the capabilities of its UC-one communication service which has incredible features and collaboration solutions like;

  • Voice calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Real-time presence
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Advanced desktop/screen sharing
  • File sharing and more.

If your organization is looking for a business voice system without poor quality then 800comm’s UC-one communication is a good option to go with. You can now manage and operate your business from multiple devices including your desktop, tablet and smartphone. You can incredibly connect to the outside world because our UC-one communication solution will allow you to take your office and business phone system to anywhere you travel.


Making your workflow isn’t easy without an integrated team and 800comms better understand this need therefore, offering an effective team collaboration tool i.e. “Team One” designed to control and manage your team efficiently. Team one smartly manages your growth and helps to remotely connect your team and let them work together from any location with any device. This feature rich business collaboration tool comprising amazing capabilities including;

  • Message
  • Video chat
  • Share files
  • Manage task.

Moreover, TEAM-ONE is a cloud based application that can work on multiple platforms together with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

  • 800COMMS HUB

Now, you can manage your team and projects with ease because 800comms hub has a built-in contextual intelligence. It allows you to easily access information and saves time from searching for information between piles of emails, message threads and business apps. It’s no more a problem to access your files, notes and content relevant to one single conversation at one place to make your next meeting productive and time savvy. What’s more? Hub can be integrated flawlessly with primary business cloud applications including salesforce, OKTA plus it can also be united with social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.

  • CC-ONE

800comms contact center solution (CC-ONE) is a valuable tool for business since, it manages your calls in a global stream. In fact, if you want to form a valued relationship with your custom then having a consistent cloud contact solution is a must today. 800comms contact center solution has numerous reliable features that let you meet and acclimate your new business demands. 800comms also offers you to customize your own routing rules to suit your changing call traffics and performance in contact centers.