Cloud based hosted phone system are fast replacing  on-premises phone systems. The Transition effectively changes how a business handles its Communications and how teams collaborate to produce better business results. Hosted phone system provides greater functionalities and better flexibility that can increase your worker productivity and overall organisational performance.  It offers a wide range of benefits that are discussed in this article.


Unlike on-premises traditional telephone system, hosted telephony does not depend on huge amount of upfront capital investment that is required in the earlier to purchase systems, servers and devices. Hosted phone systems work with a VoIP enabled device and that is the maximum that you need to spend on. You get to divert your voice and data traffic on one single network; thereby effectively reducing your day-in-day-out charges that you are incurring with your traditional phone systems.


Hosted PBX is a user friendly approach; meaning that the users can easily manage the system without frequent IT and Technical assistance. You will not be requiring any lengthy and Technical configurations. In fact you can configure your own settings easily. This will be eliminating the previously prime need of directing resources and time into training your IT support staff that can look into overall functionality of the system. Hosted telephony has been built to reduce business communication complexities.


CLOUD based hosted solutions offer features that are unavailable in traditional phone systems. Features like Call forward, call switching, call parking, call on hold, voicemails and auto IVR thrive on cloud computation technologies and form integral part of hosted PBX. CLOUD also provides a unified inbox, a single log for emails, voice messages and faxes. With virtual PBX phone system, you can use a single phone business phone number from multiple devices by logging in your credentials . Meaning you can call from your personal phone and still the recipient will view your business ID.


Illusions are not dependent on hardware and their connectivity is not restricted to a single location where the hardware wire is reaching. It has limitless coverage as long as you have an internet connectivity. You can also stay connected from your smart device, meaning you can access PBX features and functionalities from any where at any time. This implies you can focus on your core business activities rather than worrying about your business phone system. As Cherry on the top, all maintenance hassles fall on the shoulder of cloud service provider, leaving you relaxed


Office Phone systems that rely on hosted PBX can be scaled up or down without large-scale adjustments by simply adding on or deleting user accesses. Hosted PBX is easy to deploy and can meet the changing needs of business easily. Most updates are already included in the service provider package. You can also sit back and relax regarding business continuity as virtual PBX phone system are not susceptible to data and information loss due to fire, flood, earthquake or other natural or human disasters. In case of any, your business will continue without any downtime.