Hotel phone systems differ from standard business phone system. Some small hotels can survive with standard business phone system. However, most hotels will need hospitality specific features. Some examples include automated welcome messages, allowing guests to order services using phone keypad and front desk phones with guest information display.

Hotels also require specialized telephony network for their internal and external call. They will need call accounting systems as they are resellers of telephony services to their in house guests. Below is a suggestive but not absolute list of benefits of a phone system that is designed specifically for hospitality telephony.

  • All latest hotel phone systems are cloud based

Today hospitality sector thrives on latest cloud based technologies. Compared to past, installation and maintenance costs have shrunk. Servers are hosted by third party cloud storage providers. Hosted PBX, as it is known, can be upscaled easily without major capital outlay.

  • New age automation save your time

In an era where time is money, modern hotel phone systems have number of automated tasks. Services like guest wake up calls, check in /out information and filtered data search save time and effort. With such automation, both efficiency and service quality have been effected positively.

  • They save your valuable pounds

VoIP phone systems have lower installation costs and they require less physical capital infrastructure. Internet telephony is cheaper in terms of both internal and external communications. Staff and guests can call local and international destinations at much cheaper per second charges.

  • They provide an overall better Guest experience

Your hotel guests will love to have voicemail prompts in their native or chosen language. They will also value the online reservation and multiple payment gateways facility. Modern call accounting solutions are more reliable and transparent. Hoteliers believe they have improved guest trust.

  • It offers quicker data access and seamless integration

All guest data can be represented on live dashboards and consoles that have user friendly interfaces. Hotel billing is also easier as the guest information will show all the charged additional services guests availed during their stay. All information is seamlessly integrated with multiple hotel PMS and hotel CRMs.

  • They give you better staffing facilities

With fast GPS tracking , your staff has extensive find-me and follow-me facilities. You can easily forward voicemail to e-mail. Modern hotel phone systems offer call recording services and multiple call handling facilities. With auto IVR, you can ensure external call loads can be handled efficiently.

What benefits you receive and how much costs you save will ultimately depend on your hotel phone system vendor. They will also vary with how you mix hardware and software configurations for your on-premesis system and analog and hybrid solutions. Per call billing will depend on how you avail economies of scale.

Many unified communications providers offer their hospitality bundles at rates that vary according to features you select. Standard packages and enterprise edition power features are charged differently. And you may cash additional saving if you avail multiple UC services from the same vendor. Read UK’s Five Leading Hotel Phone System Providers.