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800Comms is a game changer, and its solutions are flexible and customisable to match the exact business requirements, so no need to pay for the services or features you never use.

At 800Comms we offer BroadSoft’s (a part of CISCO) proven and fully integrated solutions – including cloud PBX, Unified Communications (UC-One), Team Collaboration (Team), Contact Centre (CC-One), Hospitality, MDM by Cisco Meraki and SD-WAN solutions.

800Comms is London based communication services provider, owned and operated by vServices Ltd, registered in the England and Wales under registration number 09441070, whose business address is 85 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ.

Our communication solutions are tailored to help you manage your business more efficiently so that your valuable professionals can get out of their daily grind and focus on what’s most important.

800Comms integrates communications with CRM and other business platforms to create ONE seamless business process. 800Comms focuses on the set of services designed to increase productivity and streamline processes, often leading to increased revenues. In addition to voice, our services include cloud PBX, auto attendant, presence awareness, chat, audio and video conferencing, and collaboration.

Our cloud-based services are provided through a single interface, independent of the device – for example, deskphone, mobile phone, computer, and tablet all have the leverage of the same interface, enabling your team members to be on any device, anytime, anywhere, with everything they need at their fingertips. Further, calls or other communications can be participated in or continued on any device seamlessly, meaning users can be part of the chat conversation from their cell phone or their computer, and switch between the two, without missing a beat. Additionally, if a team member is on a call on the Deskphone and needs to leave for a meeting, the call can be pulled to their cell phone without interruption and continued as the member makes his or her way to their next meeting.

800Comms’s UC solutions integrate with both Google Apps and Office 365 for your full-featured daily work. The next level of a comprehensive solution includes integration with CRM such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and Soho, as well as several other niche players: Clio in the legal space, ZenDesk for support management, Bullhorn for service-based recruiting, and more. Integrating your communications with your CRM or other enterprise platforms results in greater efficiencies and reduced costs. Contacts are synced between the Communication App and your platform of choice. Click to Dial can be used from the App to initiate calls from any device. The duration of the call is auto-logged and readily associated with the existing contact and account or legal matter. Discussions can be flagged for follow-up, workflows can be kicked off, tasks can be assigned, all directly from a single integrated interface.

In short, 800Comms provides an integrated solution with a cohesive business process to ensure the system takes care of your communication needs, and your organisations don’t need to worry about technology and can focus on what matters most –  Increased revenue at reduced cost and time!


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