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800Comms is a VoIP service provider in the UK that offers a proven Integration with your traditional Telephony, Mobility, Business Systems, Microsoft, Google Apps and the Social Media.

800Comms hosted VoIP solutions provides you with high performing and fast responding teams. Our cloud phone system solution employs the VoIP (IP Telephony) communication over the cloud to allow making low-cost calls over the Internet and bringing together voice, collaboration, workstream messaging, voicemail, video, and presence for a flexible workforce.

800Comms is a UK VoIP service provider and it has a simple solution catering platform for your communication needs for more productive teams, reduced employee downtime due to travel, an efficient, responsive and competitive workforce with options to work from any location and BYOD.

800Comms is a business VoIP service provider and its solution is flexible and customisable to match your exact business requirements, so no need to pay for the services or features you never use. UC&C is a hyperconnected solution that links multiple forms communications, and software applications into a single environment, accessible over desk phones, desktop or even smart devices at any place and time.

UC&C is a Thought Evolution – Rich with Features

Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) is an evolution. It is not a single product, but a solution comprehensively knitted together with the user experience. Its elements include:

Communication Mobilisation

  • AnyTime, AnyWhere using AnyDevice
  • Call Monitoring and Control
  • Workstream Messaging (Unified and Instant)
  • Hunt Groups, Presence, Offline Messaging – Store and Forward
  • Call Management Features- Forwarding, Sequential Rings, Remote Office
  • Auto Attendant and Personal assistants
  • Mobility – One Number accessible over hard and soft Phones

Collaboration Empowerment

  • Workstream Messaging (Business Chat)
  • Live Meeting, Webinars & Enterprise Streaming
  • File and Desktop sharing
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Task Managment
  • Software to enable business process integration – Google, Microsoft, CRM
  • Conferencing – High definition Audio, Web and Video

Workstream Messaging
The real-time messaging over mobility is replacing traditional email for a faster business communication. Gartner estimates that the worldwide workstream messaging market will approach $4.9 billion by 2021.
The UC&C solution is easy to implement and even simpler to maintain. The 800Comms experts support it. No need for on-premise equipment, staff or stock – it is all in the cloud.
Total cost of ownership (TCO)
SMBs who are moving to the UC-One reduce TCO anywhere from 35% to 50% lower than with on-premise solutions with greater flexibility, mobility and scalability and better access to communications tools.
Contextual Intelligence
Broadsoft out of the box solution allows the user to see everything that’s relevant to your meeting or call.
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Plan & Pricing

800Comms is a cloud phone system provider in the UK and its Price and Packages are customisable to meet your particular business needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality services with reliability, flexibility, scalability, and value expected by your emerging business to keep you ahead of your competition. The 800comms solutions are powered by Broadsoft to provide a seamless experience of Business communication and collaboration, with a feature set including calling, unified messaging, web, video and audio conferencing, and fax.

Our Communication Offerings

    • UK minutes
    • Suitable for All Users
    • Site Package Options
    • Collaboration
    • Google Apps Or Office 365
    • Conference Calling
    • Outlook Integration
    • Video Conferencing
    • Voicemail sent to email

  • Support 24/7/365
  • Chrome Dialer
  • Music on Hold and E911
  • Inbound Fax to Email
  • outbound caller ID blocking
  • Bring your existing number(s)
  • Get new numbers
  • DID for all lines with inbound caller ID
  • Desk phone (hardware priced separately)

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With our SIP Trunking packages, get the following proven and world-class features:

– Cost-effective
– Reduced call charges
– Flexible and Secure
– Customer support at anytime
and many more.

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With our Hospitality packages, get the following proven and world-class features:

– Check-in facilities
– Price management
– Revenue and cost management
– Precise reporting
and many more.

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With our Call Center packages, get the following proven and world-class features:

– A higher rate of first call resolution
– Increased agent Productivity
– A higher net promoter score
– Higher revenue with better customer service
and many more.

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With 800Comms, get your needs resolved with our proven and world-class features:

– Cost-effective and tailor-made
– Based on latest technologies
– Flexible and Secure
– Customer support at anytime
and many more.

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Unified Communication Market Revenue to hit $96bn by 2023

800comms brings to you a wide array of amazingly powerful features of Cloud phone system that are customizable and scalable to suit each client’s unique needs. Break free of multiple system hassle and lessen the burden on IT systems and operational costs

A report generated by: Global Market Insight Inc


The 800Comms Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions for on premise or cloud environment can integrate to that existing or leading business applications to increase your business productivity and mobility at lower TCO. The seamless integration with PBX system allows carrier-grade inbound and outbound calling using a SIP trunk.

Instant, Hassle-Free Conference Calling.

      • Distance is no longer a reason for not scheduling meetings and conferences.
      • With the use of unified communication products, you can have multiple worry-free calls.
      • Unified Communication, drastically reduce travel costs.

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Moving your Infrastructure to the Cloud

Pick up flexibility and efficiency without large capital investment. Cloud communication liberates your business from the restrictions of out-dated, office-based phone systems. 800Comms is a business VoIP providers in UK and its Unified communication will organise your whole communications suite, removing the disarray and cost of numerous tools, logins, bills and platforms.

Buyer’s Guide

      • Do you want to improve your daily workforce?
      • Choosing the True Cloud Communications Solutions for your Company
      • Why you need it? Do you need to cost-savings? What is available and vital purchase considerations?

Average 50% savings over collaboration systems and traditional PBX. Our clients streamline, save cash and increase the powerful competitive advantage.

24/7/365 customer support 800Comms offers the industry’s most accessible and comprehensive support service. Better than that you are guaranteed to get a response as early as possible.

99.99% up time Right-sized, top-notch solution to keep your business running efficiently each moment.

Helping your transition to
cloud communications

800Comms is VoIP phone providers in the UK and with our market-leading Cloud Communication services, we can equip you with the right solution.

We work with you to ensure:

      • You understand your current assets and capabilities
      • Everything is tailored to your business and way of working
      • You transition without business interruption
      • The right people get the right training

For more information on the benefits of Cloud Communications and how we can help, just get in touch using this contact form.

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We offer VoIP phone system and 800Comms is one of the best sip trunk providers in the UK and provide our customers with a Global Private Connectivity that is not dependant on local providers. Connect to our Cloud services through the direct circuit and enjoy a quality user experience with reliable equipment, professional consultancy and HD media.
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